Hi hi. The April issue of Oggi is now in stands...
full of lots of brands this month!
Picture 4

I loved doing the Levi's tie up with the cute casual clothes and that adorable little dog in the left photo. All of the themes are really good, a lot of recommended spring outerwear so please pick up a copy when you get the chance 
ひだりのしゃしんのリバイズタイアップできやすくてカジュアルでそのかわいいいぬといっしょに出来てとくにたのしかった! テーマがぜんぶよくていっぱいおすすめのアウターがのってるからチェックしてください!

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    • 4. ℳ
    • February 28, 2011 23:42

    • 春だねぇ~服も

      P.S.nice manもcarla bruniオススメします!とくに1stアルバムの曲で"Raphaël","L'excessive"、2stアルバムの"Those dancing days are gone"イイよ~

    • 2. Lou
    • February 28, 2011 03:23
    • ホセ I really like Oggi, kenfudo at hotmail dot com would just like to say I too live by the sun and once I loved by the moon until she broke my heart.
      I speak 少し日本語..Music ha, i recommend Carla Bruni. see ya.
    • 1. yumi
    • February 27, 2011 23:49

    • Hi:)tommy(^-^)

      Oggi is very fun!
      とても楽しみです。 I want to reading oggi and check it out!

      Tommy is soooo cute and beautifui
      I love everything!