so its that time again ♥

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beautiful yumichanと

i got to do the Kobe Collection spring/summer in Kobe this weekend and like always, had a blast on and back stage! the clothes are definitely something to look forward to this year. there were cutesy outfits as well as really beautiful dresses and high brand clothes☺
can't wait to see you all on march 12th at the Tokyo show

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    • 4. ℳ
    • March 03, 2011 09:38
    • Let's go to Tokyo collection

    • 2. Lou
    • March 02, 2011 02:43
    • ホセ on fashion photography. kenfudo at hotmail dot com posts, I love the mag; always full of light colors and soft edges. Very different compared to Italian Vogue. Beauty is Love's first cousin, I see it now and romance is freedom's beautiful sister. I like your blog, I took long peek one day. I'm proud of my little comment! I finally got it. did you like the music スクリーンの芸術 映画 movies, I recommend..Nine, 2046, Charlie St. Cloud. a tear jerker for me;) ciao see ya