i did a collaboration with Malulani, who specializes in power stone jewelry. 
it was means a lot to me to be able to create something special that can maybe bring peace to others. for now, i made these two bracelets based on the concept of the earth and sun. 
the top one is "heart and sun" made of coral, yellow mother of pearl, beads, and a gold charm. the bottom one is "earth and ocean" of turquoise, beads, a honey jade heart, and silver charm. 
作ったブレスレットでちょっとでもへいわなきもちとあんしんできれば本当にいちばんしあわせなこと。こんかいこ2つのブレスレットつくりました。うつってるうえのほうは "ハートandサン" でサンゴ、マザーオブパールとビーズにゴルドのチャームついている。下のほうは "アースandオーシャン" でターコイズ、ビーズとハニージェイドにシルバーのチャームがついてる。


the stones are meant to bring a sense of your purest and most peaceful self from the heart, mind, and body. i'll post again once i know the date it comes out. im really excited about it! 

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    • 6. sakura
    • April 16, 2011 10:31
    • 5 ブレスレットすごくおしゃれ!ファッショナブルでパワーもあるとは、私もぜひほしいで〜す
    • 5. Louis
    • April 15, 2011 03:37
    • Music has always taken me to a most honest and natural place where my mind, body, soul always meet; it's the best sensation! Have you been there? I'm an air sign; Libra. So I have a natural appetite for beauty. Let me know where I can get one yeah;) A bit of levity in the midst of many somber truths; Japan, You'll never walk alone. ホセ kenfudo
    • 4. ℳ
    • April 14, 2011 15:51

    •  「自然を愛する」がテーマのブレスレット


    • 2. たお
    • April 13, 2011 13:41
    • ブレスレットとても素敵☆本当に☆

      rainbow ring、私も見ました♡