meet my new roommates....

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i've been wanting these little guys for so long and my friend lauren got me two for my birthday!!
hermit crabs are so cute and really fascinating creatures. i just made them a new, bigger home and cant wait for them to move shells!
ずっときょねんからすごいほしくてともだちのローレンからたんじょうびプレゼントで2ひきもらいました!! ヤドカリは本当にかわいくておもしろいどうぶつ  もうちょっとひろいタンクをよういしてあげてかいがらをかえるのたのしみ!

ps. There was a question about what camera I am using so...just to let you know, I always use my iPhone, Canon Kiss 4, and Cheki. Thanks for the question! カメラについてのしつもんがありましたがつかってるのはiPhoneとCanon Kiss x4とチェキ!


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    • 2. ℳ
    • May 26, 2011 17:43

    • ヤドカリのかいいがらってチェンジできるの?ビックリカニもモデルトミーちゃんもモデルcuteモデルファミリー
      I want to see a scene when a crab changes a shell. カニPhotoみたい。Because the shell of the crab shines with luster, I take it for accessories.

    • 1. さむ
    • May 26, 2011 00:49
    • 5 Hermit crabs☆ i played with them at rivers when i was a kid☆ i luv it when they peek outside to check if its safe for them to take a stroll ☆