I look up to Daria Werbowy and Behati Prinsloo a lot as models and young people.
They seem to keep grounded and true to their natural selves, which is something I really admire.
Daria WerbowyとBehati Prinslooはわたしのあこがれのじょせいたち。

Picture 4

The art that model Daria Werbowy and photographer Cass Bird create is especially amazing.
ダリアとカメラマンのCass Birdはほんとうにすてきなチームでしゃしんがすごいきれい。だいすき

Picture 2

Behati Prinsloo is the same age as me and from Namibia. Her style and personality is too cute!

I'm always excited to see what they are going to do next. 


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      The simple photograph cannot cover a lie.だから むずかしく ハードルがたかい It may be that it is a border seen as a work of art as a photograph.